Bad things come in 3’s

So as you guys may know i had the cancer, got the clear from that then got hit with a fairly bad blood clot now been back enjoying life for maybe 4 weeks again since finishing the blood thinners for that. Now i have just been diagnosed with a thing called an AVN Malformation on […]

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Here we go again

Currently sat in the waiting area in the hospital waiting for scan results on my head. For the last few months i been having really big build ups of pressure in my head when exerting any kind of force, but gradually it has loved to even if i sneeze or pick something up it hits […]

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Feb 28th

So recently i been contacted by Macmillan and they have asked me to come in and do a talk to some of there staff members on my experience with cancer and how my lifting helped me get over it. And ever since then i have been hit with this overwhelming anxiety about the event ! […]

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Well usually i seem to use this as a place to vent when i am not feeling to good so thought i would mix it up a little bit. Lately i am feeling good ! kinda figuring out how to deal with the emotions iv got + going through and processing them in a much […]

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During this time of year i am finding it really had to resist temptation to reflect on the last couple of years. As typical with the end of year you tend to think about everything that has happened leading up to this point, these days my head is a constant battle between happiness and this […]

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The Battle

There has been a thought process for me which i have come to call “the battle” for me this is the ongoing battle within between happy + Sad. Since my last results which were good by the way i am officially in remission and really enjoyed life for about 6 weeks after that, up until […]

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Todays Battle

The 20th of September marked 1 year to the day that i had a doctor tell me i had Cancer, Which was by far the worst day of my life. Tomorrow is the day i get my final results which depending on the results will put me into remission and i cant wait for this […]

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