Get used to it

Just had my first ultrasound done to check for any thyroid tissue and it all came back clear – im not someone who cries at things that happen in life but i swear to go iv cried more in the last 3 weeks then i have in the last 10 years! 

During the scan everytime he stopped the scanner i found myself asking why he stopped, at the end he said its all clear and he couldnt see any signs of a thyroid! Just found myself coming out of there and currently sat here crying in the hospital waiting area. Why am i crying ? I seriously dont know i just feel like iv been emotionally battered these past few weeks! Doing my best to stay positive but to be honest i just wanna go sit by a big lake or the sea and just relax and forget the world for a few hours. 

Actually wrote down incidents which have happened over the last 8 months and its quite scary 

  • 2 x thyroid removal operations 
  • 2 types of thyroid cancer
  • 1 cancer scare and lump removal
  • Promotion at work
  • First post cancer scan

Promotion at work is fucking awsome! Just the mixture of up and down emotions are draining me completely! Need to focus on the positives i suppose and thats, im still here! Just need to keep smiling and keep fighting the world! 👊

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