I am depressed

I am depressed! its something i have learned recently to recognise and i am not ashamed of it 1 bit. Its a temporary mindset and it wont last.   Again i am writing this from the heart, i probably wont re read what i write as i will just delete things and change it. Now […]

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Get used to it

Just had my first ultrasound done to check for any thyroid tissue and it all came back clear – im not someone who cries at things that happen in life but i swear to go iv cried more in the last 3 weeks then i have in the last 10 years!  During the scan everytime […]

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Ups and downs pt 2

So this morning i went to see my ent specialist who told me i need 2 more scans before i officially get the all clear from cancer. So here i am again sat in a hospital waiting room with my thoughts for company not knowing if this scan is going to be the thing that […]

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Was sat in the waiting area with my mum in complete silence unable to speak. Get called into the room and the first thing the doc says is “stop worrying its good news!!!” Didnt really know how to react i wanted to cry but feel im all out of tears of im honest. But fuck […]

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Todays the day

So today is the day i go and get my results for the lump they removed from my knee. Currently sat in the back of my dads car on the way to the hospital with eminems not afraid playing in one ear on repeat, and i feel sick to my stomach! Someone just cut my […]

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Tuesday afternoon i am going for an appointment to find the results of the lump they took out of my knee last week. I used to hate expressing how i felt about something like this, if you ask me in person how i am, id probably lie through my teeth and tell you i am […]

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What kept me focused

When i was first diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer in September it took maybe a month to actually be able to say to myself that i had cancer yet alone to anyone else. A few close people to me knew i was ill but i wanted to keep it quiet as i believed the best way […]

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