Tuesday afternoon i am going for an appointment to find the results of the lump they took out of my knee last week. I used to hate expressing how i felt about something like this, if you ask me in person how i am, id probably lie through my teeth and tell you i am […]

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What kept me focused

When i was first diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer in September it took maybe a month to actually be able to say to myself that i had cancer yet alone to anyone else. A few close people to me knew i was ill but i wanted to keep it quiet as i believed the best way […]

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Ups and downs

UPs – Last week on the 12th of June i heard words i had been waiting a long time to hear, i was at my check up with my endocrinologist ( i think thats spelt write ) and he had the results back from a blood test where they was checking for a hormone called […]

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My Story

A while back i set up a truck pull to raise some money for Macmillan and here is my story from that page, i wrote this once and didn’t go back and read through it as i knew i would change my mind about some of the things i have said on there.

Everything i write on this page will be honest and hopefully help someone out going through something similar.

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